Elon Musk Teases New Electric Cars as Tesla Prepares for Advertising Push

Tesla’s Annual Shareholder Meeting Unveils Exciting Developments

At Tesla’s highly anticipated annual shareholder meeting held at Giga Texas, CEO Elon Musk electrified the audience with the announcement of two new “products” in the pipeline. Musk, known for his charismatic style, provided insights into Tesla’s future plans and emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability.

While details about the new products were initially scarce, Musk revealed that Tesla is developing two new models expected to reach a staggering annual sales figure of 5 million units combined. Alongside his announcement, an image resembling the rumored Tesla Model 2 was displayed, hinting at the possibility of its manufacture at the upcoming Giga Mexico facility.

The second product mentioned during the event remained shrouded in secrecy, with Musk withholding any specific details. However, speculation suggests it could be an electric van, glimpsed for the first time during Tesla’s Investor Day a few months prior. This move aligns with Tesla’s ambition to expand its presence in the commercial vehicle market, following the successful launch of the Semi.

During the shareholder meeting, Musk showcased the impressive progress made with the Optimus humanoid robot. The humanoid figure now autonomously navigates its surroundings, learning from its environment and human interactions. Musk expressed confidence that Optimus could replace a significant portion of labor jobs much sooner than anticipated, signaling Tesla’s interest in automation.

Tesla’s next-generation drive unit also captured attention, boasting significant advancements. This new drive unit utilizes 75% less silicon carbide and eliminates the use of rare earth materials. Furthermore, it requires half the factory space for assembly and is projected to cost less than $1,000 per unit. This breakthrough represents a substantial milestone in making electric vehicles more affordable and accessible.

In a bid to reduce the reliance on traditional 12V batteries, Musk confirmed that Tesla is phasing them out in favor of 48V systems. This transition not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall performance of Tesla vehicles.

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Addressing concerns about the use of cobalt in Tesla’s batteries, Musk highlighted the company’s minimal reliance on the material. The majority of Tesla’s battery packs employ iron-based chemistry, with some incorporating nickel, while cobalt usage remains minimal. In a characteristic quip, Musk pointed out that mobile phones, which widely utilize cobalt-based batteries, deserve more attention regarding their impact. To promote transparency, Tesla plans to conduct external audits of its mining operations, even suggesting the possibility of live webcams at mining sites to demonstrate ethical practices and eliminate concerns about child labor.

cobalt in Tesla's batteries

Musk also took the opportunity to draw a distinction between Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers, specifically mentioning BYD. While BYD claims to be the world’s largest electric car maker, Musk emphasized that their sales figures include plug-in hybrids and extended-range electric vehicles (EREVs). Tesla’s focus on pure battery-powered EVs has allowed them to outsell BYD in this category by nearly half a million units last year. Musk further highlighted the importance of profitability, noting that while other manufacturers may be catching up in terms of sales volume, Tesla remains a profitable leader in the industry, unlike BYD, which relies on hybrid vehicles to maintain financial stability.

As Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting concluded, excitement and anticipation swirled around the company’s future endeavors. With new models on the horizon, advancements in robotics and drive units, and a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices, Tesla continues to solidify its position as a trailblazer in the electric vehicle industry.

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