Lexus TX Teasers Confirm Six Seats and Mark Levinson Audio System, Set for June 8 Debut

Lexus has released new teaser images of the upcoming Lexus TX, providing valuable insights into its features and specifications. The luxury brand has confirmed that the highly anticipated SUV will make its full and official debut on June 8. The teasers shed light on the TX’s seating configuration, as well as a notable audio system integration.

Lexus TX

The first teaser image showcases the TX’s interior, revealing a three-row configuration. However, unlike traditional seven-seat SUVs, the Lexus TX will feature six seats. The front row accommodates two seats, followed by two captain’s chairs in the second row that boast folding armrests and a possible removable console in between. The third row completes the layout with an additional pair of seats.

Lexus TX

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The second teaser image focuses on the front passenger door from the inside, unveiling a Mark Levinson logo on the upper speaker integrated into the door panel. Mark Levinson is renowned for its high-end audio systems, and its inclusion in the TX suggests an exceptional audio experience. Additionally, a glimpse of the center screen reveals a rotary climate control knob, hinting at convenient climate adjustment features.

Lexus TX

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The Lexus TX is expected to share components and features with its sibling, the Toyota Grand Highlander, albeit in a more luxurious package. The Grand Highlander incorporates two 12.3-inch screens—one for the digital instrument cluster and another for the infotainment system. It is likely that the TX will adopt a similar layout, providing advanced display technology for both driver information and multimedia functionalities.

While Lexus has not provided official details about the engine options, trademark filings indicate that the TX may be available in three trim levels: TX350, TX500h, and TX550h+. The inclusion of “h” in the designation suggests the presence of a hybrid powertrain, while “h+” implies the possibility of a plug-in hybrid variant.

Automotive enthusiasts and potential buyers can look forward to June 8 when the Lexus TX will finally make its highly anticipated debut. The event promises to reveal more about the SUV’s exceptional features, design elements, and innovative technologies.


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