NIO Commences Deliveries of New NIO ES6 on the Night of Launch Day

NIO, the renowned electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, surprised its customers by initiating deliveries of the highly anticipated new ES6 model on the very night of its official launch on May 24. The company had previously announced that deliveries would commence on May 25 but pleasantly surprised its enthusiastic fan base by getting the vehicles into the hands of their first owners a day earlier.

In an announcement made on Weibo early this morning, NIO confirmed that deliveries of the New NIO ES6 had commenced in 13 regions across China on the night of the launch. The company also shared captivating images showcasing the exciting scenes from the initial deliveries on May 24.


The new NIO ES6, presented during a launch event that commenced at 7 pm Beijing time, had its pricing information revealed near the conclusion of the event, around 8 pm. Notably, unlike its predecessor, the first-generation ES6, which offered three different versions, the new model is available in a single version.

Starting at RMB 368,000 ($52,220), the new NIO ES6 with the 75-kWh standard range battery pack delivers a compelling option to potential buyers. Alternatively, customers can opt for the 100-kWh version, which begins at RMB 426,000. NIO also provides a unique purchasing option through its Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) program, where the new ES6 can be acquired starting from RMB 298,000, with additional monthly rental fees of RMB 980 for the 75-kWh pack and RMB 1,680 for the 100-kWh.

The decision to begin deliveries on the night of the launch signifies NIO’s commitment to its dedicated fan base. For those customers who received their new NIO ES6 on the launch day, their eagerness to embrace NIO’s offerings likely outweighed any price sensitivity, emphasizing their preference to receive their vehicles as soon as possible.


NIO had already commenced production of the New NIO ES6 based on designer-recommended configuration combinations, ensuring that deliveries would be ready for consumers who made their purchases by May 25. Customers desiring further customization options were advised to secure their orders through the NIO App, with deliveries expected to commence in mid-June.

The early initiation of deliveries reflects NIO’s dedication to customer satisfaction and highlights the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge electric vehicles to the market promptly. With the new ES6 hitting the streets, NIO continues to strengthen its position as a leader in the EV industry.


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